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IVQ Engineering – Electrical & Electronic – FLITS Vocational Training Institute

Contact: +94 77 3124440
Starting: March 14, 2020
Duration: 8 Months

Who are the qualifications for?

These qualifications are aimed at learners who:

  • G.C.E. O/L or A/L followed students
  • intend to follow an Apprenticeship or Advanced Modern Apprenticeship Programmes
  • wish for career progression within engineering
  • wish to develop the skills learnt from other qualifications

What do the qualifications cover?

They allows learners with some engineering knowledge and/or experience to develop understanding and practical experience of specific engineering technologies.

Level 2 Certificate in Engineering IVQ – Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Mandatory Subjects

  • Working in engineering
  • Principles of engineering technology
  • Principles of electrical and electronics technology

Optional Subjects

  • Maintaining electrical wiring support systems
  • Maintaining electrical equipment and systems

Level 3 Diploma in Engineering – Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Learner entry requirements

No specific prior qualifications, learning or experience are required for learners undertaking the qualification. However, we have an initial assessment of each learner to ensure that the level of the scheme is appropriate. The nature of both the learning and assessment required for the qualification is such that learners will need basic literacy and numeracy skills: i.e. the ability to read and interpret written tasks and to write answers in a legible and understandable form in the English language. Learners will also need to be able to organise written information clearly and coherently, although they will not be assessed for spelling or grammatical accuracy unless this is part of the assessment criteria.

There are no restrictions on entry for this award. City & Guilds recommend that learners should not enter for a qualification of the same level and the same content as that of a qualification they already hold.

Age Restrictions?

City & Guilds cannot accept any registrations for candidates under 16 as these qualifications are not approved for under 16s.


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